About DeepStack

Established in 2018, DeepStack is an Indian technology company that offers software consulting and product development services to global blockchain and emerging technology clients. DeepStack helps clients turn their ideas into production quality software products.

With over 20 years in end-to-end product development, DeepStack brings unique engineering experience and deep expertise in solving difficult technical challenges across a range of technologies and industries, for companies of all sizes.

Who Are Our Clients

We currently work with Vulcanize, renowned and veteran contributors to Ethereum, Cosmos SDK, and Protocol Labs, and Laconic, the multi-chain verifiable data platform.

What Makes Us Different

While we provide software development and consulting services to global clients, we don’t operate like a typical outsourcing/services company.

  • We only work on projects that we personally find meaningful
  • We don’t set growth targets for team size or revenue, compromising the quality of our team or deliverables–we’re fine growing steadily and resolutely
  • We encourage and support our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance

What are the Benefits of Working with DeepStack

  • We provide robust and deep engineering capabilities across technologies and programming languages: 
    • Ethereum, cosmos-sdk, IPFS, IPLD
    • Golang, TypeScript/JavaScript
    • MySQL, Postgres, TimescaleDB
  • We simplify the complexities of running and managing engineering teams
  • We work well with high level requirements and ambiguities, and are adept at building out the specs as we progress