Deep Work

DeepStack aims to be the kind of company where great engineers would want to work

About Us

About DeepStack

We work on research and development projects in emerging technologies like Web3, AI and Robotics.

What Makes Us Different

We're all about deep work. We're in this for the long term. We only work on projects that we personally find meaningful. We don't set artificial growth targets for team size or revenue, compromising the quality of our team or products - we're fine growing steadily and resolutely. We encourage and support our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Build the Future of Web3, AI & Robotics with DeepStack

Building cutting edge systems software is incredibly complex and challenging. With our deep product experience and exceptional engineering capabilities, we've been able to solve the most difficult and complex technical challenges that others have been unable to solve, quickly and efficiently.


Excellence Growth Humility
Strive for excellence Commit to lifelong learning Be humble

Why join DeepStack?

DeepStack presents a unique career opportunity, especially for young professionals

  • Solve compelling and challenging problems
  • Leverage some of the most popular and exciting technologies, protocols, and projects
  • Build with renowned architects, thought leaders, and developers
  • Join as a founding technical team member with unparalleled growth opportunities
  • Learn and get mentorship from a founder and technical leader with 20+ years experience across industries with shipped products

Open Roles

  • Software Engineer - Golang/Rust
  • Software Engineer - JavaScript/Node.js

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